February 2022 Newsletter

February 28, 2022
Thank you for joining us for the April 2022 edition of By Urban's newsletter! Our goal at By Urban is to create spaces that promote vibrant living, with designs that blend seamlessly into their surroundings and withstand the test of time and changing trends.
Specialty Area renovations Adelaide

By Urban working with Nood Co.

Nood offer 14 colours, and will be a new addition to the offering in our Showroom at By Urban. Come in and see the new range arriving very shortly.


By improving the strength, we were able to design the worlds first contemporary basin and furniture range. A unique range that gives scope for a whole new way to explore bathroom design.


Nood concrete is pigmented with 100% chemical free colour, so the basins are 100% coloured throughout.


Nood concrete has zero chemicals, Nood tint has zero chemicals. Nood basins are waxed in 100% organic wax. Healthy, happy concrete. Nood basins, interestingly, take 96% less embodied energy to make than their ceramic equal.


How do we get these pieces safely sent all over the world ? We developed our own recycled packaging and air bubble system to ensure safe, manageable and best of all affordable delivery.


Nood is proud to deliver a 97% pass through rate on its concrete – massively reducing waste.

Our basins are unique in they have several admixes that give the basins an incredible water tolerance. Nood basins are sealed with a unique penetrative sealer that ensures they will not delaminate in time, and never need resealing.

Statement Tapware | Mixer Taps

Mixer Taps Adelaide by Phoenix

As we welcome a brand-new year, Phoenix takes a look ahead at the trends we can expect to see in kitchen design to make sure you’re inspired and ready for 2022! Our Showroom at By Urban have a range of Phoenix tapware that can be selected.

The perfect way to draw the eye and complement a space, statement tapware is an easy way to update a tired kitchen and we’ll be seeing a lot of it in 2022! Expect to see a shift to more organic, curved designs inspiring a feeling of comfort, and encompassing a sense of welcome.

Embracing this idea of elegant, rounded shapes, and blurring the lines between hard and round edges, is Phoenix’s new Axia Hob Sink Mixer Set with Flexible Hose. Featuring a velvet touch, matte black silicone hose for style and flexibility, as well as a single function handpiece that detaches from the cradle for extended reach, the Axia Hob Sink Outlet Flexible is a stunning design suitable for any contemporary home. Complementing it is the Axia Hob Mixer, which features fine precision etched grooves for easy operation and control. 

For colours and finishes in 2022, matte black shows no sign of disappearing, and there will be a strong presence of metallics such as brushed gold and brushed nickel.

How to transition Timber Flooring

Transition Timber Flooring Adelaide

There are a few ways to transition from timber to another floor, in particular if the height is different. At By Urban part of our site visit process is to discuss these options so you have the best outcome.

The associated image is an example on how we would insert an angle underneath the engineered timber, that is glued to the substrate and the carpet is then butted up to it.

Specialty Areas

Specialty Areas for Renovation

By Urban are Adelaide’s home renovation experts. Our experienced designers love the idea of turning your house into a home. We have experience creating spaces throughout a home. Our additional services include:

  • Laundry
  • Wine Rooms
  • Garages
  • Studies
  • Custom Timber Shelfing
  • Feature Timber Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Walk in Robes