Home to Hotel Luxe

September 2020
It’s humbling when a client comes back to us for another renovation. For these Medindie clients, it was Round 4. And how’s this for a Master Ensuite… As a couple of travellers, our clients had experienced the world. And with that, came their ability to be adventurous with our proposed design. Keeping in theme with the home, we made sure to include some timber for warmth and beautiful marble porcelain tiles for that luxurious hotel-feel. Relocating upstairs plumbing can sometimes be challenging but with this project our clients were happy to keep the same layout. The existing wall made for great privacy for the shower and the location of the bath under the beautiful tall window created an understated feature. But the vanity, oh yes that vanity. The first thing you saw when you walked in and the last thing you remembered when you left. That vanity is the epitome of wow-factor. 80sqm of porcelain tiles were used in this Ensuite with every tile but 2 being cut specifically to accommodate the architecturally set-out walls. The gorgeous Caesarstone benchtop, marble-look tiles and warmth of the American Rock Maple veneer, created an eye-catching statement. And by building the surrounding bulkhead, this framed the veneer vanity and drew the eye to the elegant yet practical backlit mirrored cabinets. Did we mention the sensor activated strip lighting behind the toilet? Its design 101 to never make the toilet a feature, but in this case, we made an exception. Lined in the stunning American Rock Maple veneer, building this wall allowed us to conceal the toilet cistern. And when you’re tip-toeing to the Ensuite in the middle of the night, you won’t need to turn on any lights; the sensor will detect movement and create a seamless glow as your make your way through the room. And with their very own Hotel Suite, I don’t think our clients will be leaving any time soon. We hope you enjoy your stay.