Hub of the Home

May 7, 2020
glam kitchen

A little throwback to an incredible project that I had the pleasure of working on in Mitcham a few years back. The reason I brought this image back to life was for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the importance of creating timeless spaces and secondly the fact that this kitchen creates a multi-functional design which in today’s current climate is appropriately fitting!

These days the costs of your average bathroom and Kitchen has sky rocketed due to the increase of labour costs in Australia and so too the advancement in technology and products available to the consumer. Whilst this helps us all create breathtakingly beautiful, great quality and functional spaces it is important to keep it neutral enough that it will still look incredible for all the years to come. It is always easier and more affordable to accessorise seasonally to give any space a little lift.

In this design, we incorporated a home office that could be completely tucked away when not in use. After all, the kitchen has certainly developed into the HUB OF THE HOME. As families we tend to congregate around the kitchen so why not make it multifunctional, ergonomic and highly practical?

Clearly not every kitchen has the room to accommodate such a large area, however little tricks like power/charger stations on island benches or a smaller “desk” or “Junk zone” are always a way to incorporate room for a small laptop, note pads, school newsletters etc. making the kitchen super convenient for all the general house “office work”.

Just a little thought to help with the planning of your new space.

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