Poly Plantation Shutters

Why you’ll love poly plantation shutters.

It’s less expensive. If you want the premium look of plantation shutters without the price tag, you’ll love our range of poly plantation shutters.

It’s reliable. Poly is less susceptible to warping out of shape than alternative materials, making our poly product perfect for those who prefer their shutters flush.

It’s good for the earth. Poly is made from our unique non-toxic, 100% recyclable Polymer that’s gentler on Mother Nature.

It’s perfect in wet areas. Being man-made, poly shutters are resistant to humidity and moisture, so they’re perfect for bathrooms, wet areas and damp climates.


Specifically for use indoors.

The highest quality paint in the business, available in 14 different colours our paint is also water-based, odour-free, UV resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Made from innovative, superior-quality, 100% recyclable Polymer.

Our warranty means your paint is covered for 5 years, and the structure of your shutters is covered for 20 years.

Poly Shutter Colours