Kitchen Renovation

Natures Reflection

Natures is the striking influence in this kitchen.

The natural travertine floor creates a foundation that is varied in colour and texture and is a strong feature carried throughout the main living areas of the home.

The kitchen sits within the centre of the main living area of the home. It reflects the tones and colours of the floor tying everything together effortlessly. Elegant blackwood timber veneer is a bold feature that creates a depth and warmth to the room. The veneer houses the set of three wall ovens and sits proudly above the cooktop encasing the undermount range hood and creates feature display boxes. The sleek gloss thermo formed doors create a contrast against the matte finish of the veneer and the natural stone floor. A butler’s pantry is subtlety hidden behind a main wall providing additional storage space and preparation areas. The kitchen is minimal in appearance and appliances are hidden where ever practical and possible. This large open kitchen reflects and embraces nature and its varied forms and beauty.