Secrets to renovating large spaces

October 13, 2020

When renovating your dream home, I think the key ingredient is timelessness… So often we get caught up in the latest trends on Pinterest or a current television show, and whilst they are great for ideas, I think it is important to ask yourself is this a trend? Am I currently seeing this everywhere I look? Will it still be popular in five years’ time? Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, I do believe that there are a few tricks to creating a timeless, elegant and most importantly versatile look without being boring or dating too quickly.

First things first, it is important to create a theme that suits YOUR house! Whilst it doesn’t necessarily need to match the original style of your home it is important to ensure that any permanent fixtures such as cabinetry, tiling or flooring compliment the environment and can be carried out throughout the entire renovation to create some uniformity and natural flow. By keeping them neutral, it allows you to experiment more with adding multiple textures and finishes without the fear of it looking too busy or dating too quickly.

Pick a colour palette – Monochromatic and or neutral shades are perfect as they complement most colours. Coloured accessories can added or removed as trends come and go in the form of towels, plants, light fitting etc. in this case we chose to go with white two pack cabinetry in a satin finish and complimented it with a combination of Rugged Caesarstone, Victorian Ash Solid Timber, Calcutta Marble, Stainless Steel and Black. This remained the theme throughout the house with varying materials and textures.

White cabinetry was used in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, whilst the timber was used in the island bench tops, feature open shelf in the island, shelving in the bathroom and laundry, flooring an again in a custom made desk adjacent to the kitchen. Stainless steel was replicated in the wet areas in the form of brushed nickel tapware and accessories, Black was used in the feature kitchen light fitting, tapware, grout in the laundry and bathroom, and greys/marbles looks were used in the kitchen, laundry flooring and second bathroom in the form of a feature wall. So, as you can see, although all the rooms are different, they all compliment each other and create an inviting flow from one room to the next.

Create interest – Texture is a fantastic way to add interest without the need for adding a colour (that often dates quickly due to seasonal change). We have introduced hexagonal feature mosaics with black grout to the bathroom and laundry to add a subtle feature without it dominating the space. Herringbone timber flooring throughout the home compliments the style of home whilst at the same time creates a subtle warmth. Chevron Ice snow Marble mosaics add an elegant feature wall to the second bathroom. Most importantly neutral themes allow your artwork to shine! Fill those walls with colour, floors with rugs and furniture with soft furnishings that can be moved around as you see fit. Versatility is key!