Top 5 Design Trends for Australian Kitchens in 2023

August 3, 2023
By Urban are at the forefront of kitchen design trends, offering innovative solutions to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space.

As we step into 2023, the world of kitchen design is experiencing a shift towards embracing nature, calmness, and functionality. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation/remodel in Australia (or locally here in Adelaide), it’s essential to be aware of the top design trends that are shaping the kitchens of today and the future.

At By Urban, we specialise in multi-faceted spaces using a collaborative approach to create beautiful custom designed kitchens, bathrooms & ensuites that enhance your home and life. We are at the forefront of these trends, offering innovative solutions to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space.

Firstly though, let’s list some honourable mentions regarding trends:

Trend 1: Calming Aesthetics

In 2023, Australian homeowners are seeking peace and tranquility in their kitchen spaces. The focus has (for the most part) shifted away from showy, picture-perfect designs to more natural and simple interior choices. By Urban recognises this trend and offers kitchen renovations that incorporate elements like plants, inherited pieces, and calming colors, including blues, greens, and sandy neutrals. Their expertise in blending these elements can help you achieve a serene and stress-free environment in your kitchen.

Trend 2: Multi-Use Kitchen Spaces

The post-COVID world has led to a renewed emphasis on the kitchen as the central hub of the home. By Urban understands that the kitchen is no longer just for cooking; it has become a multi-functional space for various activities like work meetings, family hangouts, and socialising. Our award-winning team and our kitchen remodellers prioritise creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that caters to different needs, making it a versatile space that adapts to your lifestyle.

Trend 3: Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features

The 2023 Houzz Australia Kitchen Trends Study shows that sustainability remains a top priority for homeowners undertaking kitchen renovations. By Urban addresses this concern by incorporating energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and LED lighting in their kitchen designs. They also prioritize timeless design choices, reducing waste and ensuring longevity in the overall kitchen design. At By Urban, we also make sure this applies to our bathroom renovations and any other room in your house.

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Trend 4: Mix of Materials and Textures

By Urban is well-versed in using a healthy mix of materials and textures to elevate kitchen aesthetics. They skillfully integrate timber elements, two-tone cabinetry, and stone surfaces to create a harmonious and visually appealing space! The combination of these materials adds depth and character to your kitchen, making it a standout feature in your home.

Trend 5: Automation and Smart Appliances

As technology advances, kitchen automation becomes more prevalent. By Urban stays ahead of the curve, incorporating smart appliances and automation features to make your kitchen experience seamless and efficient. They offer solutions for controlling lights, temperature, and other functions, allowing you to create a smart kitchen that complements your lifestyle.


By Urban stands as a leading kitchen renovation business in Australia, offering top-notch solutions that align with the latest design trends. Their expertise in calming aesthetics, multi-use kitchen spaces, sustainability, material mixing, and automation make them the ideal partner for transforming your kitchen into a stylish and functional masterpiece.

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen to embrace the trends of 2023 and beyond, By Urban is the perfect choice to bring your vision to life. If you’re interested in visiting our showroom, click the button below – we’d love to see you! And if you’d like to book a consultation, click here.