Using mirrors to enhance your bathroom renovation!

July 26, 2022
Learn about how By Urban's skilled bathroom designers and renovators utilise mirrors to craft extraordinary transformations.

At By Urban, we take great pride in our ability to infuse bathroom renovations with a touch of magic. Among the many design elements we harness, mirrors stand as a transformative force, breathing life into every space we reimagine. Allow us to shed light on how our skilled bathroom designers and renovators utilise mirrors to craft extraordinary transformations:

1. Space Expansion Wizardry

Our bathroom designers are masters of illusion, and mirrors are their trusty wands. In bathrooms or ensuites where space is limited, we strategically position mirrors to create a sense of expansiveness. The clever placement of mirrors not only reflects light, brightening up the room but also provides the perception of a larger area. No longer shall confined spaces restrict your imagination; our mirrors will open up new dimensions in your bathroom.

2. Customisation for a Perfect Fit:

We understand that each bathroom is unique, and cookie-cutter solutions won’t do. Our amazing renovators work closely with clients to understand their vision and tailor mirror designs accordingly. Whether it’s installing full-length mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors with integrated storage, or creatively shaped mirrors, we ensure a perfect fit that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. We also have a showroom so you can see much of our work first-hand.

3. Framing Style for Added Flair:

At By Urban, we treat mirrors as artistic canvases. Our award-winning designers pay meticulous attention to framing styles, making sure they complement the overall bathroom theme. Whether you crave a sleek and modern look or an ornate and vintage charm, our curated selection of frames will add that extra touch of flair to elevate your bathroom’s ambiance.

A great example of this is one of our recent projects, “Ultimate Elegance”. The illuminated gun metal framed mirrors enhance performance and create a wonderful atmosphere to the ensuite!

4. Reflecting Design Elements:

Our designers understand the importance of harmonious design in a bathroom. Mirrors play a key role in reflecting and enhancing other design elements within the space. Whether it’s showcasing beautiful tiling work, elegant fixtures, or striking accessories, our mirrors skillfully amplify the bathroom’s visual appeal.

5. Illumination Illuminati:

Proper lighting is essential for a well-designed bathroom. Our renovators utilise mirrors to optimise the distribution of light throughout the space. Mirrors help bounce light into every nook and cranny, eliminating dark corners and creating a well-lit, inviting atmosphere. Take a look at our project “Private Ensuite Heaven” to see how our black mirrored splashbacks create light!

6. Smart Storage Solutions:

In small bathrooms, storage can be a challenge. Our designers ingeniously incorporate mirrored cabinets and storage units into their plans. Not only do these pieces provide valuable storage space, but they also serve as reflective surfaces, amplifying the bathroom’s brightness and functionality.

In conclusion, mirrors hold a prominent place in our bathroom design and renovation philosophy at “By Urban.” Our skilled, award-winning bathroom designers and renovators artfully wield the mirror magic, transforming bathrooms into captivating and functional spaces. From creating the illusion of space and customising mirrors to match your style, to capturing nature’s beauty and optimising lighting, we infuse every renovation with the charm of mirrors. Be sure to check out our bathrooms porfolio to view more of our incredible remodels!

Trust By Urban to elevate your bathroom, reflecting your personality and our expertise in a truly magical transformation.

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